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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Field of Screams?

Field of Screams with Clown Town is an outdoor haunted attraction. You will walk through buildings and a large sorghum field with a group of 6-8 people. You will encounter live actors and many special effects. The walk through the Field will take approximately 30-40 minutes.

What is the Escape Shack?

The Escape Shack is a 15-minute escape game in which participants find clues and solve puzzles in order to unlock the door of the shack to escape. While many escape games are twice as long we have specifically created this game to run for a shorter time frame so more patrons can partake in this challenging game before or after the Field of Screams, Kansas. There are two different themed Escape Shacks available. Tickets will be sold on-site on a first-come first-served basis or as an add-on to your Field of Screams ticket. The Escape Shack close 30 minutes before the last arrival time tickets. You may arrive 30 minutes early if you want to do escape shacks before your Field of Screams, Kansas event.

How can I get tickets?

ALL available tickets will be made available online. There will not be any onsite ticket sales for Field of Screams, Kansas. When you purchase online, you are purchasing a ticket with a specific arrival time. It is important to arrive at your ticket time. Your tickets will not be valid any other night.

Can I change my ticket date or arrival time?

If you need to reschedule your ticket send us an email at [email protected] with your preferred date and time at least 3 hours in advance of your ticket. As long as tickets are available, and at the same or lower price, our ticketing support will be able to change your time/date. Please remember all ticket sales are final and changes are only possible if there is ticket availability. Tickets cannot be exchanged or rescheduled if you do not attend and give no notice.

How long does it take?

Field of Screams averages a 35 to 40 minute walk. Arrive with your printed or downloaded ticket in hand, and expect to be at Prairie Pines for 1.5 -2 hours.

What if I miss my arrival time?

Please make every issue to arrive on time. If you miss your arrival time and arrive late on the same night that your ticket was issued, we will do our very best to get you into the queue lines at the next possible time. Those who arrive on time will always get priority entry and a specific time is not guaranteed once you have missed your time. This policy only applies to arrivals on the same date of your ticket. Once your ticket has expired, you will not be able to reschedule. Timed ticketing restricts attendance and once a date passes, we are not able to sell the lost inventory again. Much the same as a concert, theater performance, or sporting event, you will not receive a refund if you do not attend. Please choose your tickets wisely.

Do I need to arrive early?

You do not need to arrive in advance of your arrival time ticket. We will not be able to park you if you arrive early. Please arrive at the time on your ticket.

How scary is it?

The Field is intended to scare you. Some as young as 8 do not scare easily yet many 16 year olds are unable to make it through.

Can I get out if I am too scared?

We do not encourage leaving the field early, however, if you are absolutely unable to go on, our actors are trained to handle the situation.

Can I bring my kids?

We do not recommend the Field for young children. If your children are younger than 8, please reconsider purchasing tickets. Please be aware that the queue lines will have character actors that are also scary for young children.

Can I drop off my teenager?

Yes! We have created a very organized and safe event for you. Law enforcement will be stationed throughout the farm to help keep things orderly and secure. Be aware that ALL tickets will be sold online so do not drop of anyone who doesn’t already have a ticket. Waiting areas are limited. We recommend someone in each group have a cell phone to update you on when they need to be picked up.

Are restrooms available?

Portable toilets are located in several areas throughout the farm.

Is food available?

There will be concessions available. We will offer a variety of snacks including fresh mini donuts, hot dogs, nachos, candy, popcorn, and much more!

Do we need to bring any money?

Cash or card payment will be accepted for any onsite sales of concessions, shop and photo items, or Escape Shacks. We will not take money onsite for tickets

Do we wait indoors or out?

All queue lines are located outdoors.

Can I go through in a wheelchair?

Because the field is uneven and often wet, it is inaccessible by wheelchair at this time.

Can I go through on crutches or with a cast?

While we discourage going through on crutches or with casts, we will leave that decision up to you. When you are making that choice, consider if you are able to go up and down steep inclines, crawl and duck through tight and low spaces, go up and down stairs, and keep up a quick pace with your group.

Can I go through if I'm pregnant?

While we discourage going through when pregnant, we will leave that decision up to you. When you are making that choice, consider if you are able to go up and down steep inclines, crawl and duck through tight and low spaces, go up and down stairs, and keep up a quick pace with your group.

Can I take photos and videos?

You may take photos and videos in the queue lines only. Photos and video are not allowed while you are walking through Field of Screams, Kansas. If you have a professional request, you may send it to [email protected] ahead of your visit.

Are you open if it rains?

We will be open during light rain. We will close during heavy rain or lightning or if it has recently rained heavily. All ticket sales are final. If we have to close on the night you have purchased tickets for, your ticket will be honored any other night we are open. Feel free to check our voicemail if you are not sure about a closing check out our Facebook page or call the voicemail at 316-303-2037.

Do you use strobe lights?

We use strobe lights in several places throughout the haunt. Strobe lights can affect those with seizure disorders.

Do you use fog machines?

We use fog machines in several places throughout the haunt. Fog machines can affect those with asthma.

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