On your journey through the sickest fields in Kansas, you will walk the grounds of the Spurlock family and see first-hand where the infamous “vigilante murders” took place.  Your trip will take you through towering sorghum fields, unruly forests, dark twisting trenches, terrifying tunnels, and the horrifying Spurlock workshop where the most unspeakable acts were carried out.  


If you survive Jebediah’s Field, you will immediately enter an even darker side of the Spurlock lands, “Clown Town 3D.” You will experience the terrors of the mysterious, ghastly clowns, the mind-blowing chaotic mazes, and the dizzying 3D effects. The sheer lunacy of it all will leave you as insane as Uncle Horace!  Gather your wits about you before you enter because no one can predict what will happen!!!


After 25 – 30 minutes of intense terror, you will be exhausted and relieved to make it out alive (if you are one of the lucky ones…)! 


Field of Screams is by far the most amazing and diverse haunted location around so –Beware of Where the Fields are Sick!


Do you have what it takes to escape Jeb's shack? You, the curious investigators find yourself in what is rumored to be Jebediah Spurlocks original home. Once inside, the doors lock and you only have 20 minutes to figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to escape before Jeb returns.


Field of Screams, Kansas’ most unique and popular haunted event just got better.  We are the only attraction in Kansas bringing you this cutting edge event.  In fact, we are the first of only a handful of haunted locations in the country doing this type of attraction.  Be sure not to miss it!